Powder Coating Systems

As an alternative to wet painting, powder coating is increasingly gaining in significance, particularly thanks to its contribution to environmental protection, as solvents and paint sludge are absent. The possibility of powder recovery increases the efficiency further. The technical benefit of powder coating consists in surfaces extremely resistant and protected against corrosion, with an impact strength exceeding the results of lacquered material. Subsequent machining by grinding or drilling is possible without any problem; the coating does not chip off. This way, DURST Powder coating systems offer unbeatable advantages combining efficiency and flexibility in an environmentally friendly process. For each individual application, systems are available.

Manual Powder Coating Systems

Systems for manual coating represent the ideal choice for demanding and complicated workpieces. In the case of new projects, qualified operators will always be able to implement modifications concerning requirements and current product size. This method offers maximum flexibility at a low entry price to the world of powder coating.

High-Capacity Powder Spraying Booth

The problem of large-sized components to be coated has been taken into consideration by our development department already long time ago. Particularly for commercial vehicles and heavy-duty engines operated under harsh conditions, powder coating more and more proves to be a solution of interest. For this reason we have designed a powder spraying booth for manual coating of corresponding objects, which can be coupled to a conveyor system. A production line for comfortable processing of this type of work-pieces is established in no time.

Automated Powder Coating Systems

For companies involved with large quantities and requiring fast cycle times, automated powder coating systems will be a meaningful option. Coupled to a conveyor system, a precise detection can be established by means of light grids, in order to ensure a targeted and efficient powder supply and distribution. The unit can be completed by lifting stations and robots, for handling of even most complex workpieces.

Powder Enameling Furnaces & Adhesive Water Dryers

The last stage of powder coating takes place in an enameling dryer. Also in this step, we do not neglect efficiency, so our furnaces dispose of the highest isolation class. Detailed temperature control enables the equipment to be used as adhesive water dryer as well, in order to dry the material conveniently after pretreatment. Annealing of hot-dip galvanized items may be carried out likewise, as temperatures of up to 250°C are available. Typical utilization of the equipment as powder enameling furnace is not difficult at all. The sophisticated air distribution and the visualized control panel prevent insufficient burning. Even simultaneous baking of different hues is possible.